UMass Parkour Club

This project highlights the Parkour Club and the members that are part of it. It’s aimed at showing how it sets itself apart from other clubs and what it has to offer. They meet four days a week Monday to Thursday and is a way for some to wind down after a strenuous day of academics. Parkour Club started in Spring 2008 and provides students and members of the community with the space and atmosphere to train and practice. From this people can build on their physical and mental strength. Anyone can join no matter their skill level, so don’t be shy.

Due to the high risk of injury, anyone that joins the Parkour Club has to sign a waiver of liability.

Marc Freccero does a flip off of a wall in front of Hampden convenience store. Parkour takes a lot of focus and most importantly you need confidence.

Travis Swain cut his hands after scaling a wall outside of the Campus Center. Hand injuries are the most common injury that occurs in the club.

Scott Maxson studies for a final in the common room on the ninth floor of Washington Tower. Parkour is his way to relax after a busy day of work.

Travis Swain shows Quz Lyimo, a high school student, the footage of his flip that he just performed outside of the Studio Arts Building.

Scott Maxson shows a new comer, Kat Soni, how to properly leap over a rail outside of the Fine Arts Center. Anyone can join the club even if you’re just walking by and have the urge to try something new.

Parkour Club members sit back and watch Scott Maxson as he does a flip off of a platform outside of the Studio Arts Building. Members of the club aren’t forced to do anything and can go at their own pace.

Jayme Giancola and Scott Maxson hold themselves in a tree in Southwest. Parkour challenges and helps people and helps them gain physical and mental strength.

When the weather doesn’t hold up the Parkour Club practices in the Curry Hicks Cage or in the tunnel from Bartlett to Herter.

Marco Casarano does a vault over a railing at the Hagis Mall. Flips aren’t the only part of parkour, but moves like vaults, which is a way of getting from one place to another easily.

Travis Swain does a flip off of the Bezanson ramp as some students walking by stopped to watch. Having bystanders watch is a frequent occurrence for the club.

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